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The People Behind (and in!) the Scenes

The MRGeep Family 

Matt (AKA Daddy)

Mary Pat (AKA Mommy)



#3 yet to make an entrance

Get In Touch
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Driver/Mechanic/Problem Solver/Breaker of Things


Matt has been a Jeep fanatic since before he bought his first Jeep, a 1989 YJ Wrangler, in 2000, which ended up spending more time in the garage than on the road (or trail). Matt and his YJ parted ways in late 2011, but less than a year later his JKU "George" came into his life and the build began. Now 6 years later, George is a very different vehicle, an M416 trailer has attached itself, and 2+1/2 kids have changed things. Expeditions and Overland travel have become the focus of the build. Let's get outside!

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